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Empyrean Source Industries (ESI) encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of formulating a digital legacy. The different areas of development include web3 services, nft collection creation, blockchain solutions, metaverse space development, graphic design, website/application hosting and interface design.

  • We strive to acheive that any great project is founded with well-organized research. 
  • We take the client's project phase very strategic. We strongly believe that project success relies heavily on a quality user experience.
  • We can develop on most ethereum based technology, web/application development front/back end & latest Unity Engine Software. 
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We help premium brands jumpstart their project through Web3 innovation and creative NFT solutions. We are building the Empyrean Source Web3 Ecosystem Protocol through proprietary decentralized applications, NFT & Metaverse services, and community representation.

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Over the years we have done many things that we are proud of. This motivates us to continue looking for new challenges in order to improve our services.




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NFT Project Announcement by ESI

NFT Project Announcement by ESI

Collection of 144,000 NFT Metachip Cards. Elysian Fields was originally named after the paradise to which heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality were sent.

Dev Roundup November 2021

Dev Roundup November 2021

Dev Roundup November 2021; ESI officially announced the release of the Elysian Fields Metaverse Project Whitepaper to the public. It details the Empyrean Source Platform and how these dApplications will use blockchain and NFT infrastructure to build a multi-faceted mixe...

Elysian Fields Project Whitepaper

Elysian Fields Project Whitepaper

Elysian Fields project was started by Empyrean Source Industries in 2021. What started as an NFT collection quickly broadened in vision to encompass a much larger project. This project is building Elysian Fields into a Blockchain Metaverse with its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to develop, maintain, and govern the space.

Dev Roundup December 2021

Dev Roundup December 2021

Dev Roundup December 2021; The Elysian Fields NFT collection on Opensea.io hit several milestones this month. Since the first NFT was minted into the collection on November 18th, the project has reached 1.1k owners with a trade volum...

Empyrean Source ($ESI) Distribution Plan

Empyrean Source ($ESI) Distribution Plan

Empyrean Source ($ESI) Distribution Plan; An ERC 20 token on the Polygon Network used in the Elysian Fields Metaverse and Empyrean Source Industries affiliated products. Holders of $ESI will use it for ecosystem trading, pro...

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