Empyrean Source Industries

The key purpose of Empyrean Source Platform is to empower individuals.  This is accomplished by supplying users and members with advanced tools and infrastructure that provide agency and efficiency of resources to build a reality that transcends the imagination.  


ESI seeks to deliver quality web services, NFT services, consulting, as well as a number of developmental services that will take users and clients on a journey into the future of virtual interconnectivity, new business solutions. and become more knowledgeable about the Metaverse. 

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Company Bio

ESI is a Metaverse & NFT company that empowers artists, developers, businesses, and operators with our NFT services and a range of Softwares as a Service (SaaS) are available as ESI creations and the Consultation Division assists brands and communities to craft their legacy. We work closely with artistic, creative, and business clients to use metaverse and blockchain technology solutions successfully. The company consists of a range of developers, designers, artists, and skilled freelancers. 

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Empyrean Source Road Map

We believe in laying the groundwork, a platform, for successful touchdown of the envisioned goal that any business can have the keys and the vehicle to mint themselves and their product in the lives of their communities. This is where you start when you work with ESI, next is where the Empyrean will take you.

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The Empyrean Source Platform

Engaging as a service provider and hosting our own products with blockchain technology.

NFT Minting/Market NFT Minting/Market

We help projects mint and craft their NFT on Ethereum or side blockchain networks. We are committed to high quality tokenization.

ESI Consulting ESI Consulting

We are committed to providing great service and advice to all our customers. We do this by consulting via phone, chat, or in person meetings.

Webservice Apps Webservice Apps

ESI Webservices hosts a collection of social media, content management, and business management applications.

Design Simplicity Design Simplicity

With every approach to web developer we try to make applications accessible to as many people as possible through ease of use applications and design.

Secure Payment Secure Payment

Gaian Road Marketplace payments and ESI Webservices payments are safe and secure. We primarily exchange in Ethereum. 

Dedicated Support Dedicated Support

We are dedicated to assisting our projects and clients as soon as support is needed. We have a dedicated phone line and ticket system.

Our Clients

We partner with variety of clients ranging from small business to corporations. We also represent artists that partner with the Gaian Road.

Meet the Team

Empyrean Source Industries Corporate Board & Lead Developers

Yanja 'Nicholas Ebel

Yanja 'Nicholas Ebel

Founder / CEO / Developer

Zen 'Ben Osburn

Zen 'Ben Osburn

Founder / CFO / Consulting

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