Dogecoin Millionaire Says He’s Going ‘All in’ on Cardano — Bullish on Both DOGE and ADA

The dogecoin millionaire who invested all his savings in the meme cryptocurrency early this year says he is now going “all in” on Cardano, calling it the “next best bet.” He is bullish on both cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin Millionaire Thinks Cardano Is the ‘Next Best Bet’

Glauber Contessoto, the 33-year-old dogecoin millionaire, told CNBC in an interview published Thursday that he is planning to go “all in” on cardano (ADA).

Contessoto invested all his savings in the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin in February. After its price soared, he became a DOGE millionaire in April.

He explained that he now plans to invest in another cryptocurrency and his pick is cardano. Noting that he does not plan to sell his dogecoin, he said:

I’m going to start buying up as much cardano as humanly possible with every bit of money I start making from now on.

He tweeted Thursday that in the next five years, the top five cryptocurrencies will be dogecoin, ethereum, bitcoin, cardano, and XRP.

He explained that since he did not buy ethereum early on, he views cardano as the “next best bet.”

The dogecoin millionaire plans to wait until there is a dip in the price of ADA to begin buying. He is bullish on both dogecoin and cardano. Emphasizing that “it’s still early on” for ADA, he opined:

I’m going to be the biggest Cardano supporter. I’m just waiting on a massive dip before buying into it.

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