ESI Mission Statement

ESI Mission Statement

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Empyrean Source Industries is an Ethereum powered NFT Metaverse Company that seeks to deliver quality NFT solutions, Metaverse development web services, market representation and social portfolio management, brand consulting, as well as a number of developmental services that will take users and clients on a journey into the future of virtual interconnectivity and business solutions. We do this by engaging in customer projects as a service provider and also by building our own in-house products with blockchain technology.

ESI has chosen a play friendly philosophy in actualizing its goals. We engage in and support partnerships of individuals and organizations in order to share ventures, maximize potential, broaden the scope of innovative atmospheres for the development of the human race during the Decentralization Phenomena. This phenomena is defined by the emerging decentralization of cultural evolution, political decision making, economic transaction, and technological development which is for the common good and is the next evolutionary step in the modern technocratic society. 

At the global scale, late stage economic endeavors that emerged from agendas of the past force individuals to vie for resources while slowly trickling financial and economic decision making power into the hands of the few. With environmental crises on the rise, new and innovative solutions and cultural norms are beginning preparations for the day when human interaction will revolve around one to one communications and verified decision making tools. In an effort to support the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, ESI seeks to make the most of virtual and digital tools to expand the possibility of human experience and productivity while conserving resources critical to the future of the planet and the human race. 

Blockchain technology has continually proven to be a more efficient and resource conserving asset in the race to fully sustainable and secure infrastructure.  Utilizing Blockchain technology, ESI will fulfill its commitment to full transparency at an organizational and individual level.  Due to the nature of encrypted chains and decentralized ledgers, all Empyrean Source users and clients will be able to trust and verify that ESI and its affiliates play by the rules and uphold its commitments to organizational integrity. At ESI, we believe that all services rendered to clients and consumers should be for the common good and betterment of humanity. This ethos puts human value, prosperity, and wellbeing at the forefront of the focus of our operations and profits last.  In an age where technological advancement is accelerating at an exponential rate and access to information is unrivaled, human beings are waking up to the ethical and moral obligations we all must share in order to peacefully coexist in a manner that is dedicated to the fundamental prosperity and equitable treatment of all individuals. This awakening has caused a great dilemma when pertaining to capitalist markets where profits are the bottom line. ESI, along with other like minded organizations, seek to represent a step in forward-thinking by focusing on the fact that good products should make sense and should be for the best of those who use them. From the realm of ideas to organizations in a free market, the best wins out in time. It is time to combine the best products with ethical outcomes in order to convince the human race that it is in their best interest to do so as well.