Frequently Asked Questions

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Empyrean Source Industries is a Blockchain Development and Metaverse Company that seeks to empower individuals.

ESI is the corporation that founded the Elysian Fields DAO and is tasked with creating the Gaian Road Blockchain & Elysian Fields Metaverse, remaining dedicated to the growth of the DAO community, and performing services for DAO members and affiliates. 

The Gaian Road is a Metaverse location and DAO that was founded by Empyrean Source Industries.

Elysian Fields was founded to eventually be a full autonomous running public utility AKA first public road in the Metaverse. The functions of the Elysian Fields are being a hub for business, institutions, and creatives to be able to form a connection via blockchain technology. This allows for new methods of exchanging tokens, ideals, and products. You will need a Passport to access the full utility.

All activities, such as governance and road policies, are transparent and fully public. 

A collection of ERC-721 passports which allows their owner to enter the first virtual road: the Elysian Fields. Members will enjoy exclusive virtual venues in the metaverse and privileges and rights regarding the future developments of the road. 

Beyond allowing you to enter the first multiverse road, a EF passport will grant you access to unique drops reserved for members, virtual venues on the metaverse, and the right to vote on the laws and regulations of the EF. Some of the first members will be appointed via election to execute regal functions for the DAO.

Our current developments haven’t penetrated to the level we are aiming for yet; however, our vision requires us to buy the most premium land available in the metaverse so that our road connections are as prosperous as possible. We are ready to prove our commitment by being transparent about the money raised during the mint event and the money earned from secondary market sales. 


Currently, ESI is beginning the Gaian Road Blockchain ledger.  This requires creating unique identification for discrete objects, items, users, transactions, locations, and other content as NFT’s and other smart contracts.  Before any virtual space or blockchain is created and launched, the formation of it and population of the ledger must occur. 


After this process has taken place, the point in the Road Map is reached, and funding is raised, the Gaian Road will be fully launched in the metaverse as 3D virtual space at each of the connecting points across different blockchains. 

Elysian Fields was originally named after the paradise to which heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality were sent. Elysian Fields is a place for the blessed dead, and, from Gaia on, entrance was gained by a righteous life. This land was originally founded by accident via a group of comrades messing with Ethereal Development Tools. One of their experiments went wrong and it opened an Empyrean Portal inside the server box. This passage guided them to the metaverse, an unknown virtual territory never visited by a living particule before. Through a mutual consensus, they managed to live in this new virtual world together. They named it Elysian Fields. Their goal was to create a prosperous DAO and pave the roads to allies across the Metaverse.

30% of the amount raised during the drop will be allocated towards buying land in Decentraland, Sandbox or Cryptovoxels ( based on member votes) within the first four weeks of the initial mint event. 25% of the secondary market sales will be used to keep developing 3D virtual venues within the metaverses currently available.