Create a Crypto Wallet 

To hold your ELYSIAN FIELDS PASSPORT, you must create or possess a cryptocurrency wallet that supports holding, accessing, and viewing ERC NFTs.  We suggest a secure, decentralized wallet that can easily interact with Ethereum Blockchain or Polygon Sidechain.MetaMask is the recommended wallet for newcomers to the Metaverse. MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.  


Obtain your Elysian Fields Passport

You will need a Passport to access the full utility. Select one of the following options in order to find your space on the Gaian Road Blockchain to walk with us in the ELYSIAN FIELDS! Once you have purchased your passport, it will be sent to the supported wallet of your choice or creation.


Elysian Fields Passport

Elysian Fields Metachips are integrated with the Platform enabling all cards to act as Gaian Road Passports. In partnership with Comrades Gate, all cards grant community membership to this Metaverse location.

0.001 ETH

Floor Price

    Limited Exclusive ESI & Comrades Gate Officially Sponsored Collection

Enter the Elysian Fields

Partner with Us!

Partner with the DAO Artist Guild to collaborate with other artists and the Gaian Road Passport Program. Submit your artwork to be used as Generative Art for the Elysian Fields Metachip Collection of GR Passports  and receive

Up to 12%

Smart Contract Payout

    Opt in to earn up to 2.16% in GR Input/Output (I/O) Rewards

Apply NOW

Mint Your Own

Join the Gaian Road DAO by minting your own passport with custom artwork, metadata, and Gaian Road Seal


One-Time Purchase
Customize your Passport!

List with ESI

List your NFT or NFT collection as part of the GR Passport Program to be issued Metachip Card with a Gaian Road Seal.


Payout upon Issue
Choose a Token!


Create an Account and Connect your Wallet

Once you have obtained a GR PASSPORT, create your account and connect your Metamask or other wallet to it with ESI to be verified and recorded into the GR DAO HENOSIS LEDGER. To do this, visit the GR Portal. Once you are verified, receive the full range of benefits that DAO membership grants YOU!


Plug into the Community

The Gaian connects multiple Metaverse Locations, Communities, and Hubs. Find your space to walk with us on the Gaian Road!

Comrades Gate

Comrades Gate

Gaian Road DAO

Gaian Road DAO

Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields

Zenii from the Gate

Zenii from the Gate

Empyrean Source Industries

Empyrean Source Industries

Yanja World

Yanja World