Empyrean Source Token ($ESI)

An ERC 20 token on the Polygon Network used in the Elysian Fields Metaverse and Empyrean Source Industries affiliated products. Holders of $ESI will use it for ecosystem trading, project investment, and platform governance. Sending $ESI requires MATIC to send and receive to other wallets.

NFT Collection

Elysian Fields

Collection of 144,000 NFT Metachip Cards for the Elysian Fields Metaverse

NFT Collection

ESTS: Empyrean Source Ticket Service

Utilize NFTs as tickets for your event, conference, or accessible content

NFT Collection

ESNS: Empyrean Source Name Service

Empyrean Source Name Service (ESNS) are polygon powered operator domain usernames for the Empyrean Source Ecosystem and the decentralized world. 

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