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Who We Are and What We Do

ESI is a Metaverse & NFT company that empowers artists, developers, businesses, and operators with NFT services and Software as a Service (SaaS) available as ESI creations that assist brands and  communities to craft their digital legacy. We work closely with artistic, creative, and business clients to use metaverse and blockchain technology solutions successfully. ESI is headquartered in Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas. This is the home turf of the owners and lead development team.

What Makes us Different?

What sets ESI and projects such as Elysian Fields apart from other NFT collections is that there is an underlying project and community being built around it (Kireyev & Evans, 2022). NFT projects and collections that lack vision and added layers to it tend to not gain as much permanent traction among users. ESI specializes in creating both its own NFT project that represents this broader vision and assists clients in developing long term oriented projects and goals to build their own digital network and sustainable revenue opportunities.

ESI focuses on projects that keep this fresh perspective in mind and seeks to help its clients and its own users by keeping the focus on the community surrounding a project. Data suggests better performance for NFT collections that are whitelist projects which create a community member aspect and an actual application or service where their NFTs can be utilized. 

How We Accomplish Our Goals

ESI accomplishes this by creating the Elysian Fields Metaverse powered by NFT infrastructure. In working with clients, ESI uses the same strategies so that business and creators can analyze their goals for an NFT project and develop pathways to creating a community around it. By connecting users and creators directly with NFT infrastructure, opportunity exists to capture audiences and revenue in ways never seen before with previous technology and marketplaces. This can range from a non-profit using an NFT to fund its cause, athletic programs for sponsoring players, social media influencers tokenizing their content, and even meme creators who wish to gain recognition for their content while it is being distributed. 

Here's How We Will Work With You

ESI works closely with business clients to use blockchain and NFT solutions successfully. Like with any path to success, there is no one action which leads to success. We believe in laying the groundwork, a platform, for successful touchdown of the envisioned goal when the time comes. Awareness and development of brand identity, consistent production, persistent interaction, customer relations enrichment, and integration of processes can give a busines the keys and the vehicle to mint themselves and their product into the lives of their customers. All of these steps make up a functional formula and method to strategizing and approaching the hierarchy of needs every business has. Success requires strategy, implementation, operation, evaluation, and growth development. 

With each client, our team meets to discuss branding ideas and build an understanding of the spirit behind the company. In these sessions, our team is able to strategize solutions and vision cast with our clients to establish goals and create a roadmap.

This includes access to educational material, close partnership for the course of 90-day campaigns where we work closely with your business through a series of phases. Depending on the needs of your company, we can educate your team and equip them with the tools they need to manage marketing internally within your company. 

However, we also provide a contractual partnership in which an ESI Agent will remain dedicated to the long term management of a client's project. This of course gives the client access to all in house resources, however, for long term cost effectiveness, we encourage our clients to take an active role in developing their own savvy. 

Your Project, Our Guarantee

With each of our products, clients are able to choose the level of partnership and scope of service based on their needs and goals. When beginning to work with ESI, clients will first have Onboarding Consultation which will initiate the process and select a package. From basic services, to long term partnership and development, each package offers a unique set of tools and outcomes delivered with dedication and commitment from ESI!


What We Offer:

Client Services

NFT minting

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Custom NFT Marketplace

Discord Setup

Project Management

Project Consulting

Educational Research & Resources

Application Development

Web3 dapp Development


Our Products

Elysian Fields NFT Collection - Opensea ETH & Polygon NFTs functioning as Metachips and NFT infrastructure

SWAP - cryptocurrency application to trade crypto for WETH on Polygon and $ESI token

QuickPay - purchasing NFTs? Pay with card solution!

Service App - Dashboard for ESI product store, client services, project management,

ESNS: Empyrean Source Name Service - Register your business, name, or domain today!

ESTS: Empyrean Source Ticket Service - Sell tickets to your event and utilize NFT solutions!


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